Jaap van Till has up-to date organizational- and ICT technical knowledge in the fields of Telecommunication, Computer Network and Internet-infrastructure, and is working at the cutting edge of new disruptive innovations, social networks and emerging P2P community tools, Fiber-to-the-Home projects, mobile internet and ICT technology policies. He can translate technology of ICT specialists to managers and vice-versa.


* He is an experienced network engineer with a degree in signal processing & pattern recognition at Delft University.

* Prof. ir. Jaap W.J. baron van Till is retired (65) and was Internet Infrastructure professor at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem (NL). Before that he was professor for Corporate Networks at the Delft University (NL) and visiting prof at the  University of Technology Kaunas (Lithuania). He frequently teaches at post-graduate courses and business schools, like the Institut Theseus in Nice (France) and at the Universities of Amsterdam (UvA) and Leuven. And he lectured at Master courses (MSTM) in Arnhem (NL), Bandung, Jakarta (Indonesia) and Kumasi (Ghana).

* He learned from his projects as a “Network Architect” in the corporate, laboratory and factory networks of Akzo Nobel all over Europe. Later he helped to design large corporate computer networks for businesses, government ministries, the NL NREN (national research and education network) SURFnet and the Netherlight lambda fiber optic network. He was one of the three people who launched the idea for a Internet2 testbed project for the Netherlands, now running as the GigaPort Project funded by the NL government.

* Jaap is a member of the Technology and Science Council (WTR) of the SURF Foundation which oversees the knowledge infrastructure network for 1.5 million people in schools, education institutes and R&D in the Netherlands.

* He is senior advisor with Stratix Consulting BV in Hilversum, NL.  Stratix is an independent topmanagement consultancy in the field of company strategy and of new technologies, consisting of about 20 full time professionals and a number of part time associates.

* As a network architect Jaap van Till helps clients to define, organize, choose, procure and improve their Computer- and Telecom Infrastructure. His work ranges from telecom legislation and government IT policy to Internet and intranet and extranet implementations. In 1988 he was part of the team that wrote the Tele-communication Law (Wet op de Telecommunicatievoorzieningen) that replaced the Telecom Law of 1904.

* Ir. van Till is chief scientist at Tildro Research B.V. in Rhenen, NL and writes columns and blogs in

-- TelecomMagazine

-- Netkwesties.nl

-- ScienceGuide.nl


Van Till is married and has three children and four grandchildren. His hobbies are datatravel, the digital revolution, windsurfing, networking, reading and serendipical walking.


Jaap is non-executive board member of the NDIX regional Internet Exchange and is member of the Advisory/expert Boards: WTR (see above), Netkwesties.nl and is Judge in the jury of the :

Van Till

Motto:  Synthecracy is the new phase of the glocal society and its economies.

Delen= Vermenigvuldigen / Sharing of knowledge multiplies its value (see: van Till’s Law)


Multiple Tribes Membership (MTM) with the help of the Net is the best antidote to ethnical/cultural/national fragmentation. I wish you good, tolerant and binding connections across many borders, taking part in many communities.

Conjecture: I think that consciousness (awareness of awareness) is generated by multiple layers of "super-resolution" in the human brain. I expect this planet to wake up in about 2020 when >10^10 people are interconnected through the Net. 
We are Gaia's brain cells. Let us weave links for life and the UWTB! (the universal will to be)

Jaap van Till was one of the people who took the initiative to establish the Stichting Digitale Burgerbeweging Nederland (db.nl) and the NL branch of the Internet Society (ISOC.NL)

Read my essay The Eyes of the Earth.

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